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The fundamental item in any kitchen, we can't think of such a thing as too many bowls. GDP makes a variety of one-of-a-kind  ceramic bowls, each with it's own personality. Larger bowls give us decorative freedom while serving your needs for mixing, prepping and serving healthy food. Carved designs make our bowls a powerful statement in your home. 

Change the shape a little...or a lot and we call it a tray, a platter or an irregular serving dish. Some of our items may be challenging to describe but we agree that they will be a pleasure to look at and use.

Bowls, Platters & Trays

  • What makes our bowls, platters and trays special is that each one is a unique creation. You may notice similarities in shape, size and color but each has its own personality and vibe. Our pottery is meant to be used, so expect food safe glazes and dishwasher safe pieces.

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