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Our newest fermentation crock, this 2 quart size is counter top convenient and just right for a small batch. Think fermenting basil, sambal or other delicacies you use to liven up any meal.

Fermenting Crocks, 2 quart

  • This fermenting crock is a unique, handmade piece of stoneware. Liner glazes are acid tested for food safety and proven through our kitchen trials. Fermenting your favorite healthy food in a beautiful hand thrown crock is easy. Fill the crock, leaving enough space for a primary follower and the included weights. After the lid is in place, add water to cover the vent cutouts up to the rim and enjoy the blurping sound of a ferment underway. It is that easy.

    Our crocks boast comfortable rope texture handles on sides, lid and weights. These fermentation crocks are a water seal style which makes for a smooth fermentation process. Though visually beautiful and enjoyable as art alone, these handmade crocks are meant to work.

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