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These high fire stoneware vessels are hand formed using an altered extruded clay shape. What makes them unique? The side walls are seamless! This particular clay body features super low absorption which allows us to work with a naked decoration style. Each vessel is finished with a variety of pigments instead of glaze. some are labeled "garlic", others not. Lids are typically keyed for ease of use. We anticipated storage of 3-4 heads of garlic. Size approximately 5" W by 5" H.

Garlic Keeper

  • These garlic keepers are designed for storage of 3-4 average sized heads of garlic. Though random on some, the holes function to provide constant air flow for prolonged storage. However finished,  meaning glaze or pigment alone, these are dishwasher safe if you feel the need to clean it that way. What makes these most unique is the vertical walls are created from a cylinder. Does that make it better? Maybe not, but it's a cool feature!

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